(This is not an official site of the Union.)

This is an unofficial site sponsored by and for UNITE HERE Local 30 hotel and food service member workers in San Diego. It is not sponsored, or approved, or subjest to the officers of Local 30 and UNITE HERE.

Local 30 is a democratic union driven by rank and file members. It is our premise that internal democracy makes our union stronger and better able to fight for the rights and interests of the workers. We support actions which strengthen the democratic process, promoting membership participation, free speech and fair elections, so that member workers can transform and lead our Local Union.


El Local 30 es un sindicato democrático impulsado por miembros de base. Nuestra premisa es que la democracia interna fortalece a nuestro sindicato y lo hace más capaz de luchar por los derechos e intereses de los trabajadores. Apoyamos acciones que fortalecen el proceso democrático, promoviendo la participación de los miembros, la libertad de expresión y elecciones justas, para que los trabajadores miembros puedan transformar y liderar nuestro Sindicato Local.